Bowie & Me 3

Ashes to Ashes was the first time I recall connecting Bowie with anything. I was seven years old when it arrived and already knew and liked Space Oddity despite having no idea who actually sang it. Back then I never took much notice of who was behind the songs that escaped from the little radio... Continue Reading →

The Good Samaritan

I spotted him a mile off. Staggering along, doing his best to stay upright. By the time I catch up with him he’s slowly sliding along the boarded-up windows of what used to be Woolworths, but is now just another stop on the fly-poster’s route. “You alright there?” No reaction. “Hello. H e l l... Continue Reading →

One Tree Hill

“How about this one?” Paul says, kicking the log nearest him with the tip of his boot. “Nah. It’s too knackered,” Steven replies, “It’s all mouldy, look.” He stamps on it hard with the underside of his trainer, causing the log to practically split in two. “Needs to be way stronger than that, otherwise we’ll... Continue Reading →

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