SMOKING IN THE TOILETS WILL ACTIVATE THE ALARM But will it though? I thought, will it? They've probably just written that to scare people. There's no alarm in here any more than there was a magic dye in the swimming pool when I was young. Turns out I was wrong. There's an alarm all right.... Continue Reading →

White Honky Afro

Adam Clayton isn’t happy. I don’t need all this again, he thinks. “I vant we go disco,” Bono repeats in his camp Teutonic voice. Clayton hadn’t enjoyed U2's ‘irony years’, not one bit. He looks around at the rest of the band who deny him eye contact. I’m alone, he thinks, there’s no chance unless... Continue Reading →


“She’s burnt that beef,” Iggy says. “Her presentation skills aren't up to much either,” Bowie replies. “Yeah, but she can learn that, burning beef, that’s a basic error, she’s going home.” “Have I ever told you about the Kobe beef I was served on my first visit to Japan?” Bowie asks. Iggy turns his gaze... Continue Reading →

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