I Am 5

I am five years old. Our family day out at the seaside has ended badly. In seething silence my parents march me up the concrete ramps that cross the train tracks at Chalkwell train station. They're annoyed, very annoyed. It's all my fault as they make abundantly clear whenever there is no one else around.... Continue Reading →

I Am 9

I am nine years old and going to school in Laindon, despite the fact that I live in Pitsea. The big day has arrived. I can't remember exactly which one of them it was, it might have been Princess Margaret or possibly Anne, I'm fairly sure it wasn't The Queen. To be honest though it's... Continue Reading →

One Tree Hill

“How about this one?” Paul says, kicking the log nearest him with the tip of his boot. “Nah. It’s too knackered,” Steven replies, “It’s all mouldy, look.” He stamps on it hard with the underside of his trainer, causing the log to practically split in two. “Needs to be way stronger than that, otherwise we’ll... Continue Reading →

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