Dog (2001) – Andrea Arnold

Thematically linked in a few ways to Arnold's later Fish Tank, this short film sees Arnold finding her artistic feet and paves the way for what would become her Oscar winning short Wasp. Leah is a council-estate teen whose mum screams abuse at her when she leaves the flat rather than waving tutty-bye. Even if you... Continue Reading →


They're already queuing four deep at the counter. People who look like they shouldn't have to stand for more than a few minutes at a time are contorting themselves to catch a glimpse of the cakes inside the display case. An elegant old man turns and proudly makes his way out of the melee, tray held aloft,... Continue Reading →

One Tree Hill

“How about this one?” Paul says, kicking the log nearest him with the tip of his boot. “Nah. It’s too knackered,” Steven replies, “It’s all mouldy, look.” He stamps on it hard with the underside of his trainer, causing the log to practically split in two. “Needs to be way stronger than that, otherwise we’ll... Continue Reading →

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