Is This Even On

"Is this even on?" The singer said gripping the microphone with his left hand, his right hand already strumming absent-mindedly away at his Rickenbacker twelve string. The microphone was hot, he tried to pull his hand free but couldn't. Time slowed down, he saw everything clearly, he tried to shout out for help, but his... Continue Reading →

The Good Samaritan

I spotted him a mile off. Staggering along, doing his best to stay upright. By the time I catch up with him he’s slowly sliding along the boarded-up windows of what used to be Woolworths, but is now just another stop on the fly-poster’s route. “You alright there?” No reaction. “Hello. H e l l... Continue Reading →

The Loop

…which of course was locked.   After a few years I gathered up the courage to unlock the door, beyond which was yet another room, noticeably better than the one I was in. Without hesitation I stepped in allowing the door to lock itself behind me.   After a few months I grew bored with... Continue Reading →


Whoa, what the fuck. He's cut that way too short. My own fault for daydreaming rather than keeping an eye on the old duffer I suppose. He's made me look like a right chav, just what I need in court tomorrow. It's too late to do anything about it. He can forget about getting a tip,... Continue Reading →


By the time I caught up with him he was bent double, hands on his knees, like an obese American forced to walk the final few hundred yards for his happy meal after his car had given up the ghost.  I wasn't doing much better myself, the crisp white blouse I'd put on that morning already ear-marked for... Continue Reading →

One Tree Hill

“How about this one?” Paul says, kicking the log nearest him with the tip of his boot. “Nah. It’s too knackered,” Steven replies, “It’s all mouldy, look.” He stamps on it hard with the underside of his trainer, causing the log to practically split in two. “Needs to be way stronger than that, otherwise we’ll... Continue Reading →

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