The Loop

…which of course was locked.   After a few years I gathered up the courage to unlock the door, beyond which was yet another room, noticeably better than the one I was in. Without hesitation I stepped in allowing the door to lock itself behind me.   After a few months I grew bored with... Continue Reading →


Whoa, what the fuck. He's cut that way too short. My own fault for daydreaming rather than keeping an eye on the old duffer I suppose. He's made me look like a right chav, just what I need in court tomorrow. It's too late to do anything about it. He can forget about getting a tip,... Continue Reading →

Bowie & Me 2

There were no virgins at my senior school. Everyone had 'done it' with various girls too many times to count. "You a virgin?" was the question everyone dreaded back then, and woe betide you if you didn't have a decent answer. My story was that I'd had it away with a girl I met in... Continue Reading →

Bowie & Me

Mid to late eighties, late night TV, I'm in the lounge, my dad is upstairs snoring for England. On the box is D. A. Pennebaker's concert film - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars. I like Bowie, like everyone else my age I've grown up with the singles, kissed girls that had Bowie lyrics... Continue Reading →

Begbie & Me

There have always been cats in my life, along with a few dogs here and there; but cats, like wonky teeth and record buying have been a bit of a constant for me. Bonnie was the first. She had a coat that looked like it'd been thrown together by the sort of person that would... Continue Reading →

Neil Knowlden & Me

Back at the start of the nineties I played bass in a band called Cloudscape. Four white blokes and a drum machine, that was us. Between indie kids ditching fake Manchester accents for newer cockney ones, there was the short lived shoegaze scene. It was a bit of a blink and you missed it moment.... Continue Reading →


They're already queuing four deep at the counter. People who look like they shouldn't have to stand for more than a few minutes at a time are contorting themselves to catch a glimpse of the cakes inside the display case. An elegant old man turns and proudly makes his way out of the melee, tray held aloft,... Continue Reading →

One Tree Hill

“How about this one?” Paul says, kicking the log nearest him with the tip of his boot. “Nah. It’s too knackered,” Steven replies, “It’s all mouldy, look.” He stamps on it hard with the underside of his trainer, causing the log to practically split in two. “Needs to be way stronger than that, otherwise we’ll... Continue Reading →

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