Begbie & Me

There have always been cats in my life, along with a few dogs here and there; but cats, like wonky teeth and record buying have been a bit of a constant for me. Bonnie was the first. She had a coat that looked like it'd been thrown together by the sort of person that would... Continue Reading →

Neil Knowlden & Me

Back at the start of the nineties I played bass in a band called Cloudscape. Four white blokes and a drum machine, that was us. Between indie kids ditching fake Manchester accents for newer cockney ones, there was the short lived shoegaze scene. It was a bit of a blink and you missed it moment.... Continue Reading →


They're already queuing¬†four deep at the counter. People who look like they shouldn't have to stand for more than a few minutes at a time are contorting themselves to catch a glimpse of the cakes inside the display case. An elegant old man turns and proudly makes his way out of the¬†melee, tray held aloft,... Continue Reading →

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